Women Still Lagging Behind in Science Careers


notebookIn the past, women who made important contributions to science were impressive because of their low numbers. Today, women are still behind men in attaining science jobs, in spite of the greater acceptance of women in the workplace and the number who are getting degrees. Although more women are earning college degrees, they are still earning fewer of them than men in areas of computer science, physics and engineering. According to the New York Times, women often end up in the areas of education or healthcare, not in these other science-related fields.

Programs that have been offered to girls in low-income communities by advocates for women and minorities in science have found that reaching out to the participants has increased their interest in science, beyond that seen in many privileged students. For some, the knowledge of the potential income from being in one of these positions also has a significant impact.

Stereotypes, lack of encouragement from family and peers, bias, and a sense of competition are among some of the reasons that females do not pursue careers in science on the same level as males. Regardless of the ideas that are represented in any area of science, the fact that men with the same qualifications are still more likely to be hired than a woman, and also given a larger salary, is one of the most serious problems getting in the way of women.

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