Win a LabRoots Shirt – Just by Doing What You’re Doing!


leaderboardTo make your user experience even better, LabRoots recently launched a new Leaderboard gamification feature to the platform. You can now compete against other LabRoots users, collecting points based on your engagement and event participation to win a LabRoots Shirt.

Each month you will have the chance to collect points to become a top scorer on the LabRoots Leaderboard. You can earn points by simply building your profile, registering for future events, or participating in live or on-demand events. The fastest way to collect points is always watching and engaging in any live webinar or virtual event, but you’ll get credit for all your activity. A more comprehensive list of how users can earn points can be seen on the Leaderboard page.

Once the month is over, the top 10 point scorers on the leaderboard will be awarded a $20 gift card for the LabRoots store to select a shirt in any of LabRoots popular designs. At the end of each month, scores will be reset, and the process will begin again.

Be sure to look for similar gamification features incorporated in LabRoots virtual event’s online environment, where you similarly earn points by attending presentations and even participating in an online scavenger hunt.

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