Why Watch Neuroscience 2017 On Demand?


florescoNeuroscience 2017 was a successful event and is now behind us. Since the live presentations have come and gone, why watch it on demand?

LabRoots offers all presentations from all virtual events on demand for perpetuity on the site. Why? We pride ourselves on providing well-rounded, educational and up-to-date information within each virtual conference along with the ongoing opportunity to earn free continuing education credits. By working with the most experienced subject matter experts, each presentation offers valuable data that can be reused even after the live viewing. Each webinar becomes part of a wealth of knowledge relayed by experienced professionals that can answer questions and solve issues long after the live presentations have been broadcast.

So, if you need an update on the future of Neuroscience and missed the live presentations during the virtual conference on March 15-16, watch the conference on demand. There are always opportunities to contact speakers to ask unanswered questions as well.

Don’t miss the Neuroscience 2017 highlights featuring new discoveries in cognition, motivation and emotion, sensory motor function and disease mechanisms. Watch Anytime On Demand!

Click Here to see all of the premier webinars from the Neuroscience 2017 event.

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