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dd2018Interested in learning the latest in drug discovery? Want to hear from global industry leaders about the advances and challenges facing discovery and development of new medicines and therapeutics? Join LabRoots for Drug Discovery 2018!

This free two-day event is the newest in the LabRoots virtual conference line-up. We are excited for what the conference can bring to participants and for the information that will be presented from esteemed experts.

Drug discovery is a complex process that spans multiple disciplines, incorporating biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and more. By gaining insights into disease processes, researchers can develop products that halt or decrease the effects of the disease. And by testing the activity of various molecular compounds, potentially beneficial effects toward disease treatment can be discovered. Even the development of new delivery methods can influence drug discovery.

With new technologies to accelerate discovery and screening of possible compounds, drug discovery has become an exciting field in recent years. Many technologies are opening the door to new and less complicated workflows that are aiding in creating more standardized methods, not only improving discovery itself but also the commercial and regulatory aspects as well.

Topics to be discussed include:

GPCR Drug Discovery:

  • How biased ligands are identified
  • Novel GPCR Pharmacology
  • Allosteric Modulators of GPCR
  • Biophysical methods of studying human GPCR’s with an emphasis on NMR Spectroscopy


Biomarkers in Early Stage Drug Development:

  • Exosomes in Cancer, and their role in cancer progression
  • Cancer Progression, Response to therapy and outcome
  • Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine:
  • Pathological Epidemiology
  • Precision Medicine Using genotype to inform prescribing
  • Convergence of Immunology & Epigenetics
  • Developing personalized Cancer neoantigen vaccines

Emerging Trends:

  • Chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells
  • Soluble ST2 with highlights on management of cardiovascular disease
  • GPCR targeted Drug Discovery
  • Design, synthesis, and evolution of nanomaterials for various medical applications
  • Inflammation inhibitor
  • Convergence of Immunology & Epigenetics

Register now to benefit from such a unique learning opportunity. Submit a poster to the virtual poster hall to be part of the action! And remember, you can always earn free continuing education credits for attending LabRoots conferences.

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