Watch the Experts in Precision Medicine On Demand


Precision Medicine 2017 is now On Demand! From discussing clinical implementations of precision medicine and how advancements are shaping the discipline to issues and challenges that arise in the lab and in the clinic, speakers at the virtual conference impressed their audiences.


With over 10,000 views to the Precision Medicine site, LabRoots is proud of the interest and success the event has had. Speaker Lauren Koontz, PhD, Personalized Medicine Staff at the Food and Drug Administration in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, presented an update on the Precision Medicine Initiative. This Initiative has been rapidly progressing the development of new treatments designed to match an individual’s unique characteristics. The Initiative relies on advances in genomic technologies, including next-generation sequencing-based testing, and is working to drive innovation in this area while protecting public health.

On Demand sessions for each presentation are available to watch any time from the comfort of the office or lab. The conference environment is free to enter on and each presentation is available as a webinar on the site as well. Most presentations also offer eligibility for Free Continuing Education (CE) and/or Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. Watch a qualified presentation and earn a CE certification.

LabRoots is honored to bring such an innovative and exciting conference to its members and looks forward to hosting the conference next year!
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