Virtual Science Events: New Innovations in a Digital World



Communication. Connection. Collaboration.

During a traditional science conference, the day(s) are filled with speakers reporting on their current findings and research with short question-and-answer sessions afterward; there might be 20-25 speakers making it impossible to attend every presentation. The most valuable part of any conference–networking, collaborating, and connecting with fellow scientists–is limited due to time constraints. In addition, the financial cost of each meeting can be restrictive for smaller organizations and scientists, who may not have access to funding for travel and lodging expenses or registration fees. What is the future of science conferences, especially in this digital age, where we have advanced technologies at our fingertips?


LabRoots was founded in 2008 with the mission to provide access to educational information via webinars, virtual events, and current trending news to its members free-of-charge. Our goal is to create a platform for collaboration among scientists worldwide so that relevant information is exchanged and virtual learning encouraged. We emphasize digital innovation and offer a wide range of virtual learning experiences that go beyond the mundane attracting experts in their fields and students alike. LabRoots contributes to the advancement of science by advocating for the expansion of global networks and communities through our content sharing capabilities.

“In the future, biomedical conferences are going to go virtual one way or another. LabRoots is out at the cutting edge, way ahead of other conference organizations in creating this future. As a presenter, I found the experience extremely user-friendly. I appreciated the opportunity to reach the audience from my own office chair. No travel, no hassle, high impact—the ideal combination.”

Brian R. Jackson, MD, MS, VP—Chief Medical Informatics Office, ARUP Laboratories

The benefits of a virtual conference abound. Creating a virtual event is an effective, low-cost strategy for imparting scientific information to scientists, who would otherwise be deprived of the opportunity. Involving a larger number of participants, who would have been unable to participate due to financial limitations or a lack of time to travel long distances, is our primary objective.  By eliminating the need for travel, we are able to invite speakers who are at the top of their fields, thereby offering the most up-to-date research findings from medical and scientific experts worldwide.

“The event was simple, accessible, well-designed, and organized.”

Virtual Event Attendee

Join your colleagues, fellow researchers, and professors at one of our premier virtual events and enjoy networking with others who share the same drive to advance science.

“I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and your team for the wonderful LabRoots experience. I greatly enjoyed participating as both a speaker and a participant. The presentations that I attended were excellent, and it was so convenient to be able to view them without traveling. Kudos to you and your team for creating such a successful conference.”

Linnea M. Baudhuin, Ph.D., DABMG–Mayo Clinic, Co-director, Personalized Genomics Laboratory Co-director, Cardiovascular Laboratory Medicine, Department of Laboratory  Medicine and Pathology
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