Scientists Discover the Body’s Internal Clock


Biological ClockMillions of dollars are spent each year in an attempt to turn back the hands of time and make the outer body appear younger than it is. Although some people would disagree, it is the aging that occurs within the body and its organs that is of the greatest importance. Scientists have long looked for the location of the body’s internal clock, in hopes that they could slow or prevent the aging process and prolong life. According to a new article in Science News Daily, new research has pinpointed the location of the biological clock deep within the human genome.

Researchers at UCLA performed the study that may begin to answer questions about the development of cancer and increase the potential of stem cell research. Unlike previous discoveries that connected the aging process to hormones and telomeres, this research is credited with being the first to pinpoint the location of a timepiece that will allow scientists to gauge the ages of various types of cells and tissues. One surprising factor that was determined was that the breast tissue in women ages faster than that of other body tissue.

The science article points out the necessity of measuring age on a genetic level before it can be effectively fought. The news and further discovery regarding women’s breast tissue could help lead to important discoveries in the occurrence of various types of cancer. The fact that healthy breast tissue ages faster than the other tissues in the body, combined with the fact that breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer among women, could be the first clue about the connection between age and increased cancer risk.
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