O Canada, You Were Good to Us While at ASHG


The LabRoots team returned to the states after a highly successful and enjoyable week in Vancouver for the ASHG conference. Vancouver is a beautiful city that sits on the water’s edge and welcomes each visitor with the scent of evergreen, It was also this year’s host city for ASHG, the leading genetics conference worldwide. Presenters, poster authors and exhibitors from the genetic community around the world shared new research and breakthroughs in the field of genetics and genomics.

From October 19th to the 22nd, the LabRoots team was on hand during ASHG to answer questions, network and hand out free shirts! LabRoots shirts are always a big hit, wherever they go, and ASHG was no different.

Hundreds of attendees flooded the LabRoots booth between speaker sessions to register for the site and get a free “Mutations Happen” shirt. The team had a great time talking with attendees, presenters and researchers, hearing about the great things happening in the genetics and genomics field. To Keep up on what’s happening in the world of genetics, be sure to register for the Genetics & Genomics 2017 Event hosted by LabRoots May 10-11, 2017.

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