Modern Cell-Based Assays Virtual Symposium


Nexcelom Bioscience, experts in automated cell counting and analysis, will host the Modern Cell-Based Assays Virtual Symposium, November 10, 2020, at 8:00 am EST.

This virtual, online symposium serves as an opportunity to engage in a program full of presentations by innovative scientists from leading labs in immune-oncology, drug discovery, cell line development, and 3D/PDO models.

There is something for everyone at the symposium with various activities to engage in:

  • Free webinars with scientific innovators
  • Poster sessions to expand your knowledgebase
  • Virtual booths
  • An opportunity to win prizes and have fun!

The Modern Cell-Based Assays Virtual Symposium will allow you to learn how to conduct  fit-for-purpose cell-based assays with varying culture models. It will also teach you how to maximize the number of assays you can conduct, as well as the number of measurable parameters. Attending this symposium is a great opportunity for you to streamline your workflow with modern diversified technology for utilization across a variety of research areas. 

Whether you are working with cell culture, 3D assays, virology assays, or advanced cell models there is something for everyone at this engaging event. For more information about the Modern Cell-Based Assays Virtual Symposium, speakers, agenda, and to register, click here.

About Nexcelom

Nexcelom Bioscience is the expert in automated cell counting and analysis. Since 2003, when Nexcelom’s founders introduced the CP2 to assist with manual cell counting, the company has expanded its automated Cellometer product range to accommodate researchers analyzing small cells, primary cells, and cell-based assays. With multiple patents pending, Nexcelom is a clear leader and innovator in the field of image-based cytometry for cell analysis. Thousands of customers, including the top ten pharmaceutical companies, have come to rely on Cellometer instruments for automated cell concentration and viability analysis.

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