Microbiology Virtual Event Speaker Highlight: Sonia Shah



Our Microbiology Virtual Event is set to take place in roughly one month and in an effort to get everyone excited about what’s to come, we’ve decided to highlight some of our keynote speakers! First off, just in case you didn’t know, the Microbiology Virtual Event is a two day event that is set to take place on September 2nd & 3rd. As mentioned in its name, it’s an online event that doesn’t require any travel OR any fees! All  you have to do it register to attend. If you haven’t done so already, head on over to the Microbiology Virtual Event page and sign up/register to save yourself a spot.

One of the several tracks registrants can follow is Emerging Infections, where we have investigative journalist and author of critically acclaimed and prize-winning books on science, human rights, and international politics, Sonia Shah. During her keynote speech, Shah will be interweaving history and original reportage, exploring the origins of epidemics and drawing parallels between the story of cholera, along with the new pathogens that stalk humankind today. The other pathogens span from Ebola and avian influenza to drug-resistant superbugs.

Sonia is going to reveal how one of over 300 infectious disease will cause a disruptive, deadly pandemic sometime in the next two generations by tracking each stage of cholera’s dramatic journey from harmless microbes to a world-changing pandemic. By delving into the convoluted science, strange politics and checkered history of one o the world’s deadliest diseases, Shah reveals what the new contagion might look like and more importantly what we can do to prevent it.

For those of you who are interested in seeing Sonia Shah speak, you’ll be able to catch her on September 3rd at 10:30am Pacific time. Be sure to check out other speakers in the Emerging Infections track as well as other speakers in other tracks as well!

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