Microbiology Virtual Event 2016 Kicks Off September 7


Mircobiology & Immunology

The 2nd Annual Microbiology & Immunology 2016 Virtual Conference will commence September 7, as thousands virtually gather to discuss the latest in microscopic organism research, in particular, their interaction with the human body.

The two-day conference is free to attend, with time to register to catch presentations on topics such as:

  • Microbiome and your health: The Gut Microbiome; An analysis of various microbiomes; Effects on nutrition
  • Managing regional outbreaks of infectious disease: Global issues and epidemics; Methods for treatment and reducing risk; Rapid diagnostic testing
  • Genetic Modification: The positive and negative of GMO; Medical applications
  • Preservation of the Built Environment: Preservation and recovery of cultural properties; Clinical aspects and environmental factors; Understanding of built environment

Additionally, participants can earn free Continuing Education (CE) and/or Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits simply by watching an entire presentation.

This year’s Microbiology & Immunology virtual event will feature an array of additional topics from the following speakers. To check out the full details of the event, including bios of the 17 speakers, and to register for the event, visit the LabRoots virtual event page. Be sure to use #LRmicro to join the conversation!


Peter PaleseLabRoots is pleased to have Peter Palese, PhD as the keynote speaker. Dr. Palese is a professor of Microbiology and Chair of the Department of Microbiology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York; he will address the challenges of a universal influenza virus vaccine.



Amy LeberDr. Amy Leber is the Director of Clinical Microbiology/Immunoserology Laboratory at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She will address issues related to the culturing of clinical and non-clinical specimens, while using the most clinically relevant and cost effective methods in microbiology.



Marilyn RoossinckDr. Marilyn Roossinck is a professor of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology and Biology at Pennsylvania State University; she will speak on new understandings regarding the complexity of virus-host interactions, involving plants and insects.



Dr. Daniel J Diekema is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Pathology at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, he will cover healthcare associated infections, which can be a consequence of a microbiome alteration.



Matthew Fields; MSU photo by Kelly GorhamMatthew Fields, CBE is a professor and director at the Center for Biofilm Engineering Montana State University; he will touch on microbial biofilms which can survive and thrive in most environments that contain liquid-solid, liquid-gas, and/or solid-solid interfaces with a multitude of physicochemical conditions.


Jack GilbertDr. Jack Gilbert is a professor in the Department of Surgery University of Chicago, as well as Group Leader for Microbial Ecology Argonne National Laboratory, and Senior Scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory. His presentation aims to achieve a better understanding of the microbiome and it’s importance in human health, while identifying routes of transmission to a human host.


Maureen HansonMaureen R. Hanson is Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics at Cornell University. She will be the keynote speaker on the second day of the virtual event, covering the gut microbiome in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.



Roxana HickeyDr. Roxana Hickey is a Microbial Ecologist and Postdoctoral Scholar at the Univeristy of Oregon; she will be discussing the significance of the indoor microbiome to human health and the evidence for how occupancy and operation of buildings can influence the indoor microbiome.



Scott KelleyDr. Scott Kelley is a professor of Biology, San Diego State University; he will be discussing the global trend towards industrialization and urbanization has led to ever more people living and working indoors.



Paula RevellDr. Paula Revell an assistant professor of Pathology & Immunology, and Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine; Dr. Revell will expound on the ever-changing field of diagnostic development and laboratory response to outbreaks of infectious diseases such as SARS, Ebola, and Zika virus, as well as yearly epidemics and potential for pandemic.


Glenn TillotsonGlenn Tillotson, SVP, Senior Vice President at Cempra Inc, will deliver a 2016 perspective on community acquired bacterial pneumonia to better understand the escalating burden of CABP in the USA, as well as the impact antibiotic resistance can have in CABP and the current challenges  in managing CABP.


Daniel TurnerDr. Daniel Turner, applications director at Oxford Nanopore Technologies, will give a brief introduction to the technology at Oxford Nanopore, and describe the work performed by Oxford Nanopore’s Applications team on the use of the MinION for direct RNA sequencing and for analysis of microbial genomes and communities.


Krishnan AllampallamDr. Krishnan Allampallam is the senior global manager at Qiagen with more than 15 years in the biotech industry; he will give a complete overview of the microbiome, metagenomics and host-pathogen interactions.



Amy DenisonDr. Amy M. Denison is a Microbiologist in the Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Denison will discuss the molecular pathology perspective of the CDC’s Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch, derived from the findings of autopsy and biopsy tissue samples sent to their branch for diagnostic evaluation.


Clotilde TeilingClotilde Teiling is the Marketing Manager at Microbial Genomics and Infectious Disease Illumina, Inc.; she will discuss several different approaches to explore the diversity, function, and ecology of microbial communities.



Wenjie XuDr. Wenjie Xu, technical service scientist at NanoString, will present his publication data demonstrating how nCounter® technology can advance your infectious disease research faster and more accurately with unprecedented sensitivity, reproducibility and ease of use.



Steven CagasDr. Steven Cagas is currently a Scientific Affairs Manager within the Medical and Scientific Affairs organization. Dr. Cagas will discuss the paradigm shift in clinical microbiology.




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