Let’s Do the Mash, The Barleymash!


img_4849After a full day of annual meetings, team building activities and an amazing dinner, the LabRoots team set out again for another incredible night.

With sun setting on the first day of Neuroscience 2016, the LabRoots team had an unforgettable evening, teaming up with Chempetitive Group at Barleymash in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. Together they hosted a night of “Science on Tap” social mixer, where those from the neuroscience community got first-hand experience of the effect of alcohol on the brain.

img_1565Barleymash provided an excellent space with a great vibe, with access to the bar on the main level and a bar with lounge space downstairs, with food and drinks a-flowin’. The night included custom specialty drinks like Synapse Splitter, Cerebral Vortex and Transmitter & Tonic. A great time was had by all as they took pictures with Einstein, socialized and even may have learned a little about what happens when the brain has a little too much access to alcohol.


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