Learn Something New – All Year Long


Year after year we make these resolutions, lofty goals of what we want to accomplish with this brand-new year we’ve been given. Constantly, among the top you’ll find fitness goals, relationship goals, getting organized, and always rounding out the top ten is learn something new.

For years, we’ve been meaning to learn a new language or instrument, pick up a new hobby, or take some courses to better your career. And it isn’t long until we realize why we never done these before – French is too hard to pronounce with those silent letters. Piano takes too much practice. And there’s just never any time. Well, that’s where LabRoots comes in.

virtual-events-screenshotsIn 2015 alone, the LabRoots team has produced more than 200 webinars, much of which offer continuing education credits so you can still stay on top of the exciting things happening in your field without missing a beat. They’re free and online, so there is no cost, travel or otherwise, associated with them.

LabRoots has 10 virtual events schedule in 2017. Like the webinars, it’s a free virtual conference where you can connect, collaborate and learn from others in your field, while earning those precious continuing education credits.

And maybe one of the best things about LabRoots virtual events and webinars – On-Demand access! If you can’t make it to the live show, all content, presentations, slides, etc. is available after the presentation is complete. So really, LabRoots has the Learn-Something-New resolution in the bag! No more excuses. Peruse the upcoming webinars and virtual events and get registered!

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