LabRoots CEO Beat Out the Competition in This Week’s Owler CEO Showdown


Hot off the heels of last week’s announcement that LabRoots was ranked on the Entrepreneur 360 list, LabRoots CEO and founder Greg Cruikshank was honored once again. Owler released this week’s CEO showdown, where Greg was honored as the highest ranked leader amongst the competitive set.

Owler is an online publisher of business information, providing news alerts, company profiles and polls. Owler allows its members to follow, track, and research companies in realtime. Owler uses curated information from across the web, along with an element of crowdsourcing date from the “Owler Community.” Through the polling of its members, Owler is able to provide insight on market sentiment and current market trends.

It was this methodology that won Greg the title of highest ranked CEO. The Owler Community offered up their ranking of the CEO, leaving him with an unbeatable score of 100%! Greg is sure to foster a collaborative work environment, with strong leadership, where all members of the team can act as a soundboard for ideas. It is this kind of leader that has set LabRoots on a course to further success and recognition. owler-ceo-ranking
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