LabRoots Annual Meeting


The LabRoots team gathered in San Diego to host its annual meeting. With many employees working remotely across the country, this is one of the occasions where most, if not all, of the team can get together in person. It’s always great to collaborate and discuss plans in person.

img_1528LabRoots had a great year in 2016, as presented by each department, who provided a year in review. The team is continually brainstorming new features to add to the LabRoots platform and many exciting features are in store before the year’s end and into next year, including a completely revamped site with an improved user experience. Users will also have an enhanced experience from their mobile devices with the launch of the new site.
No annual meeting is complete without a little team building. This year the LabRoots group tried their hand at The Great Room Escape in San Diego. Half the team fought time and zombies in search of a cure, while the other team channeled their inner Indiana Jones in search of five crystal hidden in Aztec temple. Both teams, despite img_1527their valent efforts, failed to free themselves from their rooms.

This annual meeting was especially meaningful, as the team celebrate one of its founders. Don Cruikshank, who founded LabRoots, will be retiring at the end of 2016. The team gathered for an amazing dinner at Searsucker in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. The team honored Don, who has truly exhibited genuine leadership all throughout his career, but especially at LabRoots.

img_4798Prior to co-founding LabRoots in 2008, Don was vice president of information technology at Beckman Coulter, a company he spent nearly 40 years with. Don has a great passion for the work happening at LabRoots, but now has time to enjoy a few other hobbies, from travel to golf. The entire team wishes Don the all the best in retirement!
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