How to get the most out of your professional network


networkingSocial networking has really brought the world together in ways never before imagined. Advances and progress in science, medicine, telecommunications, and other fields are accelerated through networking on a global scale.

Scientists have been quick to realize that there is a huge benefit to connecting and collaborating with other scientists outside of a single lab or institution, and that networking sites provide an invaluable resource of experts to help with questions, new perspectives, solutions, and other aspects of research. The amount of information and range of new ideas that can be realized by connecting through these sites is invaluable. In this way, networking has influenced a change in the way research is conducted; as scientists are able to reach out to colleagues they might not have been able to connect with for support and collaborations.

LabRoots aims to be one such site in helping to connect members. Users can build their profiles, which include areas of technical expertise, job title, publications, memberships in other groups, conferences attended and geographic location. You can follow and interact with colleagues and groups of interest, conduct research based on articles, publications and informational videos posted on the website, and grow your list of business contacts while building a sphere of reliable business partners, supporters and inquirers.

In your networking efforts, use the LabRoots site to visit any and all groups and attend as many webinars and events as possible that trigger your interest. Joining different groups and conferences gives you access to more colleagues and potential working relationships.

Also, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you do and why in order to articulate what you are looking for and how others might help you. Being able to explain what makes your methods unique from others doing something similar can help you gain influence in your field.

And remember, networking is about being open and sincere, building trust and relationships, and working on what you can do to help others. Think of all the communications and interactions you can participate in internationally, due to access by networking.
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