HIDS Virtual Conference – Partnership in Criminal Justice


The Human Identification Solutions Conference (HIDS), hosted by Thermo Fisher Scientific, is an annual forensic genetics conference tailored for forensic scientists, investigators and members of the criminal justice community from all over the world. This year, the 6th annual Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) conference will be held virtually, starting June 24-25, 2020, with more than 40 speakers during several live sessions.

During the HIDS Virtual Conference you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Attend any of the three live interactive sessions occurring across different time zones: 
    • Session 1 June 24th (Europe-Middle East-Africa-India): London 9:00 AM / Paris 10:00 AM / Moscow 11:00 AM / Dubai 12:00 PM / New Delhi 1:30 PM
    • Session 2 June 24th (Americas): San Francisco 8:00 AM / Mexico 10:00 AM / New York 11:00 AM / Sao Paulo 12:00 PM
    • Session 3 June 25th (Asia-Pacific-China):  Beijing-Singapore 9:00 AM / Tokyo 10:00 AM / Melbourne 11:00 AM
  • In each session, opening presentations and a panel of experts will discuss the impact of forensic DNA analysis on criminal justice and the importance of partnerships between investigators and forensic scientists in solving crimes faster.
  • Gordon Thomas Honeywell Government Affairs (GTH-GA) will announce the selected case in the 4th annual DNA Hit of the Year. We’ll hear stories of how forensic DNA evidence was used to find answers, identify suspects, and help make the world a safer place. During each of the live sessions, the selected case will be presented in detail.
  • The closing regional sessions will include presentations from experts who will share their use of DNA technologies and DNA databases in their jurisdictions. This session will include details on what applications have been used in case studies.
  • Each live session will last approximately 4 hours and will include three breaks for delegates to visit the other parts of the virtual HIDS experience:
    • Explore the Applications Hall for a wealth of case studies and videos.
    • Visit the virtual Exhibit Hall where you’ll be able to review the latest Thermo Fisher Scientific forensic genetics products and solutions.
    • Step into the Ask an Expert room, where you can engage with technical experts for an interactive Q&A session.
    • Visit the Poster Hall, to review the latest advances in forensic genetics.

The Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) conference is free to attend and will remain open through June 2021. For more information about the event, and to register, click here.

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