Growing Science Careers – Breaking into Cell Biology


notebookWhile not specifically listed as a career field by agencies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cell biology is actually one of the fastest growing and most intriguing aspects of the scientific community. Physiologists, micro and macro biologists, and specialized aquatic biologists all fall under the cell biology umbrella. If you’re interested in studying the molecular structure of fungi, plants, or animals, it’s best to start early and focus your efforts.

Like all scientific careers, becoming a cell biologist is best served by joining a prestigious university with a strong science department. Regardless of which school you choose for your education, however, it’s essential to maintain above par grades in a challenging academic schedule.

Another tip for landing your dream job in cell biology is to begin job hunting right after your four-year degree, even if you’re planning on continuing your education. The scientific community is notoriously challenging, and you’ll most likely have to work your way up from the bottom. Getting a head start is always a good idea, and many employers will actually accommodate and even help employees when the time comes to go back to school.
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