Grape Skin Extract Helps Kill Cancer Cells


grapesResveratrol is a compound found in grape skin, peanuts, and red wine. It turns out that this healthy compound not only is good for the heart but also might make tumor cells more susceptible to radiation treatment.

Researchers from the University Of Missouri School Of Medicine have studied the cancer-fighting benefits of Resveratrol and found that if added to cancer treatment along with radiation helps kill more tumor cells than radiation alone. The group treated melanoma cells with Resveratrol and observed that 44% of tumor cells were killed. When they combined Resveratrol with radiation, 65% of the tumor cells died.

These findings suggest that Resveratrol could potentially be a very important contributor in treating all kinds of cancers. The next step is developing a method to successfully administer Resveratrol to patients and follow this up with clinical trials.
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