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LabRoots is the premier virtual education provider offering virtual events and webinars that will showcase your industry brand and reach your clients with a unique approach to generate leads. We use a powerful virtual platform in HTML5 where you can create educational content or promote your products and technologies all the while bolstering your company brand and highlighting your expertise. With 2.8 million registered users, we work with you to curate the content, design, and webinars to attract traffic from your targeted market and audience.

“The ROI for the LabRoots Clinical Virtual Meeting was outstanding! The number of visitors to our online booth far exceeded any physical tradeshow. We received a large number of high-quality leads and the turn-key nature of our participation in the various programs with the support of the LabRoots team made it easy! Working with LabRoots is a pleasure.”

Lianne McLean, Sr. Director Market Development, Life Technologies

There are two types of custom events available:

  • Scheduled virtual events occur on specific dates and are archived for members to view on demand for 12 months.
  • Persistent virtual events open on a specific day with the benefits of being able to host multiple webinars and add content over a 12-month period.

Each virtual event, whether scheduled or persistent, has its own branded microsite and registration page as well as email reminders sent to all virtual event registrants. A basic custom virtual (scheduled or persistent) event includes:

  • Build Out Venue
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Auditorium
  • Resource Center
  • Lounge
  • Production
  • Support
  • License
  • Hosting
  • Marketing

When creating your virtual event, there are numerous ways to utilize specific elements that highlight and broadcast information to scientists and medical professionals worldwide. Each event includes–customized rooms (various templates available), virtual laboratories, poster halls, education/learning center, leaderboard/gamification, continuing education credits, courses, job fairs, entitlement, black-and-white listing, surveys/polls, live chats, networking and social media channels, customized and automated reporting, welcome videos, and multiple languages—which can be used in any combination that meet your needs.

Webcasts/webinars are a vital part of a virtual event and allow you to showcase your expertise in your industry or field. LabRoots partners with you to host and design the webinars that promote your brand, products, or services. We work with you to create every aspect of the webinar including a customized background, assistance in speaker selection, promotion through digital marketing, the capture of live polling and all metrics, and offering all attendees continuing education credits (P.A.C.E., CME, CEU).

Customized rooms can be designed that convey your company’s message and expertise with a variety of templates available.


Figure 1. Custom Booth


Figure 2. Lobby in Custom Virtual Event


Figure 3. Custom Virtual Lab

Poster halls provide the opportunity to display information by means of a PDF poster or video summary, and discussions with interested colleagues worldwide are possible through email and 1-to-1 chat. Posters are submitted as a PowerPoint file including tables, graphs, figures, and photographs that demonstrate research findings. Please note that poster content is not peer-reviewed.

LabRoots recently added a new feature–Leaderboard/Gamification—that allows users to compete monthly by earning points from participating in events. The top 10 leaders in points each month receive a $20 gift card from the LabRoots store. Watching and participating in any live webinar or virtual event, are the fastest ways for users to earn points. However, they can still earn points by watching these events on-demand, albeit at a slightly lower rate than if watched live.

Another attraction for LabRoots users is the ability to participate in live chats and to network with other scientists and colleagues in their fields of interest. Networking and creating connections among members encourages collaboration between scientists allowing them to share content globally and potentially, to facilitate advances in science and medicine.

“The LabRoots virtual event represents a great opportunity for us to support education in clinical diagnostics. The online format gives medical and lab professionals a convenient way to stay up-to-date with the latest practices in their field and discuss how diagnostic testing can provide greater medical value.”

Randy Pritchard, Vice President of Marketing at Roche Diagnostics

“What an amazing event! I enjoyed the educational content especially the live training videos. They were very helpful for someone just starting like me.”

Virtual Event Attendee
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