Congratulations to the LabRoots’ 2019 Spring Scholarship Winner!


The LabRoots’ 2019 Spring Scholarship welcomed applications from students around the world, seeking support for research projects, travel expenses, and training supplies associated with their academic pursuits in one of the STEM fields. We would like to congratulate Kathryn Waite as this Spring’s scholarship winner!

kathryn-waiteKathryn will be studying Chemistry and Pre-Med at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After earning a degree in Biomedical Sciences and a doctorate in pharmacy, Kathryn plans to partner with innovative minds to create a compounding device, specifically, a device that could calibrate and generate dosages for patients, that are personalized and precise.

Kathryn has been passionate about chemistry since a young age when given a chemistry set in elementary school. Memories of her grandmother’s “medicine bag”, inspired her to follow a track in pharmacy. After attending a seminar at UNC at Chapel Hill from a renowned professor who specializes in compounding, Kathryn discovered the potential of 3D printing and automation in pharmaceuticals and hopes to explore this further in her future.

Known as the “flipping fool”, Kathryn is an active gymnast and former cheerleader, and she strives to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle throughout her academic career.

“Hopes are high that I—with deep South sensibility, female-of-color perspective, STEM aptitude, and pharmaceutical sciences aspiration—collaboratively blend with fellow  students in a fresh and impactful way that advances schools of thought in the fields of science and health and service.” – Kathryn Waite

The merit-based scholarship will fund Miss Waite for one year, providing $3,000 in direct costs. LabRoots supports undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Our scholarship program is open to students both in, and outside the US; there are no geographical limits for applicants. LabRoots wishes to encourage all students to stay in science and aims to help students work towards their research and educational goals.
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