Clinical Implementations of Precision Medicine: Meet the Speakers


Precision Medicine is now an integral part of research in the science community. The discipline incorporates genetic information with environmental, behavioral, and clinical data. These factors help clinicians obtain a comprehensive background on patients and allow individualized clinical implementation of health maintenance, disease prevention, and therapies.

The Precision Medicine 2017 Virtual Conference is proud to present speakers in the Clinical Implementations of Precision Medicine track to be broadcast on February 22 and 23. These experts will be discussing novel genetic technologies that are advancing treatment options in personalized medicine.

williamsGenomeFIRST ™ A new paradigm for the return of genomic results
Speaker: Marc Williams, MD
A novel GenomeFIRST TM medicine approach utilizes new DNA-sequencing technologies that make DNA testing more accurate, less expensive and faster. This change from traditional approaches opens the door for everyone to have their genome sequenced and available to inform their care.


ramosClinical Whole Genome Sequencing In a Healthy Population
Speaker: Erica Ramos, MS, CGC
Whole genome sequencing of a healthy population increases success rates in identifying disease-causing variants for the individual and for the contribution to genomics knowledge. The data will help to identify risk assessment and disease prevention information that is of clinical significance in a healthy adult.


muellerTowards a new era of precision medicine in psychiatry: Using genetic algorithms to optimize medication outcome
Speaker: Daniel Mueller, PhD
Psychiatric disorders are among the leading causes of disability worldwide, but more than half of patients do not respond well to their initial generic treatment. Predictive tools such as preemptive genotyping of selected genes would be of enormous help to optimize and personalize medication treatment.

prudentNovel Precision medicines that exploit Proximity
Speaker: James Prudent, PhD
Cellular processes involve multiple interactions between molecules that can now be exploited with a new type of precision therapy called the Extracellular Drug Conjugate (EDC). EDCs use molecular proximity to activate a drug’s potential, potentially by over 1000-fold if both targets (antibody and drug) are within angstroms apart.


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