Check Out the New LabRoots Website!


LR siteWe are proud to announce the new LabRoots website! The new site design features a bigger, bolder, fresher look and streamlined functionality to give our users quick access to the items they are looking for. Some of the new site improvements include enhanced navigation experience, BioConference Live Virtual Events & Webinars listing for easy browsing, fast, convenient event signup, Trending of popular and current news, videos and 3D animations, and an enhanced user profile.

Our goal with the new site is to provide a useful forum to catch up on current news, offer easy access to hundreds of educational webinars and content, and allow the ability to connect with the global scientific community in a fun and professional environment.

We hope the new site will be a valuable tool for our growing community. We continue to work to add more great features and enhance the ones we have. New pages coming soon include Group topics, enhanced Networking abilities, Tagging for easy search access, Publications, Companies & Institutions, and much more. So check back often, and connect with us on your scientific social network!
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