A New Look and More Great Content, Check Us Out!


At LabRoots, we work hard to always bring the best to our users. In our webinars, virtual events, and trending news, we strive to make LabRoots the number one site for you to keep coming back to. And now, we are proud to bring you more intuitive navigation and a sleek new site design to provide the most user-friendly experience from any device.

The new top menu and side bar make it easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for in a quick, clear and concise manner. Keeping consistent with the LabRoots mission, the latest news and events are front and center on the site, giving users quick access to the things that matter most to them. LabRoots’ goal is to provide relevant educational information and create connections among members to enable collaborations and virtual learning. We believe the new design makes this that much easier.

Browse the home page to get an overall picture of new topics in science, from the latest webinar to the newest research finding. Dive into Virtual Events and Webinars to chat with prominent speakers and learn about the next level of useful technology in the lab. Click into Trending to stay informed about the most recently published data from scientists and clinicians around the world.

We are continuously evolving and adding new features to the platform to keep the site at its best. We are excited to share the new site with you. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the new site and all it has to offer!

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