3D Space Camera Tech Proves Multiple Uses


3d one cameraMost of us think of the technology used in space science as being primarily used for space exploration and monitoring. However, the growth in technology has allowed the capability of crossing over lines into other areas of science, and in consumer and commercial use. The 3D One camera is one example where a piece of equipment developed for one use has proven to be beneficial for use in multiple applications, including forensics.

The 3D-One camera has attained some popularity on a YouTube video showing the amazing ways it has been used in space. It has also become very popular here on Earth. In Forensic Magazine, Max Collon from Dutch Cosine Research, and its subsidiary 3D-ONE, says that the camera brings a human and immersive feel unmatched by other imaging equipment. Cosine developed the ERB-1 and ERB-2 Erasmus Recording Binoculars for ESA before drawing on it to build the popular line of high-end 3D cameras.

Although the 3D-ONE camera has use in commercial business, the technology has derived from its use in space. The company can customize the camera to different needs that are more diverse, including those in forensics, medicine, surveillance and quality monitoring. One example of forensic use is the 3D One’s ability to determine the age of blood traces immediately, based on its color, instead of needing to wait for weeks. Thus, the same technology that has played a role in advanced space exploration is also valuable at helping solve crimes faster.

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